Commercial Lease Management Software

Manage your leases, properties & assets all in one place: Quarem.

Lease Administration Balancing

Your real estate holdings should be an asset, not a liability.

Managing a commercial real estate operation is complex. With many professionals involved, multiple collaboration points, and detailed legal documents, it can be a big communication and logistical challenge. Controlling all of these elements requires an automated approach. The end result? A dynamic real estate portfolio. 

Commercial Real Estate Software Perspective

Quarem is Perspective.

Quarem Vantage™ is our software platform that comprehensively manages all critical commercial real estate data for leases, properties, assets, and associated projects. The result is a collaborative tool that vastly improves productivity and accountability.

Lease Administration Software Guidance

Quarem is Guidance.

Quarem Access is our Full Managed Care program that provides implementation, proactive support, and expert advisory services. All support functions are led by experienced commercial real estate professionals. With Quarem Access, our clients receive personal, expert guidance on how to best utilize the Quarem Vantage™ platform.

Commercial Real Estate and Lease Administration Communication

Quarem is Communication.

Our focus on communication and accessibility is what sets us apart. When you call, we answer. It's as simple as that. 

Benefits of Quarem


Ditch the spreadsheets and rows of filing cabinets.

  • Free yourself from the aggravations of managing your information through outdated systems by consolidating your data into one centralized, cloud-based system.


Experience the power in controlling your CRE.

  • Forecast, plan and report on the future of your CRE portfolio. 
  • Recognize patterns, strengths and weaknesses in your operations. 


There’s sophistication in simplicity.

  • Establish attainable standards and processes that will expand your business.
  • Focus on cultivating relationships and start working through that long list of projects.

 Joy H. 

 Samuel Properties, LLC


The product/service Quarem provides is exactly what I was looking for in order to more efficiently manage my various commercial leases. The customer service, however, is above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. These guys are truly offering an outstanding product and exceptional service. Highly recommend!