Asset Management

Maintain the assets that guide you through your daily operations

The focal point of the CRE industry is space and the elements that relate to it – square footage, location, materials, the list goes on. What about the actual physical elements that reside within the space? The Quarem Vantage asset management platform gives users the opportunity to focus their vision and see inside their space.

  • Gain Insights Into Asset Usage
  • Sustain Asset Lifecycle
  • Reduce Uncertainty

Quarem Asset Management Features

Consolidate Your List of Resources

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    Create a catalogue of all equipment, inventory, computers, furniture, and other assets on one platform
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    Track the location and user of each item

Manage the Important Details

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    Track type, model, serial/VIN, location, primary users, warranties, maintenance history, value, insurance and more
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    Have instant access to all assets and equipment for insurance purposes

Keep Track of Key Dates

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    Monitor equipment lease expirations with the help of automated critical date management

Post Notes Detailing the Life of Your Assets

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    Comment on usage, maintenance, repairs, work orders, appraisals and other critical points

Securely Store Documents and Generate Reports Related to Your Assets

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    Store all documentation related to the lifecycle of your items
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    Manage documents with automated document approvals
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    Utilized controlled access for team collaboration
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    Manage document activity with time, date and author stamping
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    Archive old or dead-files

Let's Face It...

Asset Management isn't the same for every member of the CRE Community. Explore how Quarem's Asset Management can benefit YOU! 

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