Consultative Brokerage and CRE Software Customer Portals
Dec 12

Consultative Brokerage and CRE Software Customer Portals

By Meredith Beasley | Customer Portal

On September 23, 1962, TV viewers of all ages journeyed to the futuristic Orbit City. Here, they met one of the most legendary families in TV history, The Jetsons. Viewers were given a glimpse at the charming possibilities of tomorrow, like floating buildings and flying cars, and some groovy inventions that actually exist today, like smartwatches, video chatting, and 3-D printing.

 Though the show only aired for one season, The Jetsons still remains an iconic symbol of our vision of a dreamlike future and the technology that comes along with it.    

Compared to the day we got to “Meet George Jetson,” technology has rapidly advanced and left its impact on our processes and business practices. Take the commercial real estate industry, for example – sure, our buildings don’t float, and we can’t fly to work, but advancements like digital signatures and “smart” buildings have transformed our interactions and business cycles. 

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Seven Tips for Efficient and Accurate Lease Abstracting
Dec 06

Seven Tips for Efficient and Accurate Lease Abstracting

By Meredith Beasley | Lease Abstracting

When was the last time you built a puzzle? It may have been a rainy day or a long vacation, but no matter the occasion, we all start off the same – you open the box and dump the pieces out on the table. From there, we all employ our own building strategy. Some start with the corner pieces and build the frame, while others take the time to sort out all of the pieces by color or pattern. 

Lease abstracting is a lot like a puzzle. You start out with all the pieces – terms, rent schedules, options amendments and assignments – and get to work piecing together the final pretty picture, an organized portfolio. Just like building a puzzle, everyone has their own approach or strategy to abstracting, because leases come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes show up with a missing piece. 

No matter if you’re just learning how to abstract or are a seasoned expert, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks to get that “picture perfect” lease abstract. 

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Why Lease Administration Software Can Be Your Ally in the Event of a Recession
Dec 03

Why Lease Administration Software Can Be Your Ally in the Event of a Recession

By Meredith Beasley | Lease Administration Software

2019 has been filled with several breaking news stories and unique trends, including college admission scandals, Area 51 memes, and more superhero movies that I can count. In the midst of these emerging events and stories is a tale as old as time – economic downturn. 

When will it hit? 

How bad will it be? 

Who will be impacted the most? 

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Lead Nurturing with Quarem's CRE Software
Nov 25

Lead Nurturing with Quarem’s CRE Software

By Meredith Beasley | Lead Nurturing

Swiss Army Knife.

Instant Pot.


Three very different things, but they all share the same label: All-in-One. These multitools have very different uses, but they all promise a solution to several different needs. 

The Swiss Army knife takes care of any random challenge under the sun. Need to fillet a fish AND trim some rogue nose hairs? You got it! 

The Instant Pot makes dreams of filling your kitchen with different food prep gadgets a reality by combining them all into one small appliance. 

The debut of the Smartphone gave our shoulders some rest by merging all of those devices that we had to carry around individually. We could finally leave our bulky cameras and CDs at home. 

At the end of the day, all of these tools share the same goals: save time & money and improve processes in a convenient way. 

Have you ever wished there was a handy multi-tool that you could employ to help you nurture leads, manage market data and expand your corporate services? Well, commercial real estate management software is the all-in-one solution for you! 

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4 Organizations that Will Benefit from Lease Management Software
Nov 20

4 Organizations that Will Benefit from Lease Management Software

By Meredith Beasley | Lease Management Software

The digital world is a tremendous place that has all types of gizmos and gadgets that help pinpoint specific behaviors of people and their online habits. Though the information right at our fingertips helps us reach others in an effective way, there’s also nothing like face to face interaction. 

During my time at Quarem, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend events across several different industries and interact with professionals from all sectors of commercial real estate. These events and professionals have given me the opportunity to observe real-time reactions to the way we present our brand. 

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Checklist for Successful Lease Administration Software Implementation
Nov 12

Checklist for Successful Lease Administration Software Implementation

By Guy Gray | Uncategorized

Every commercial real estate professional has goals. But how many actually reach them? We can’t say, but those that have a plan are usually the successful ones. You can have all the goals in the world, but if they just remain goals, you’ll never get anywhere. This applies to everything from portfolio management to lease administration.

We’ll be covering the latter in today’s post. Specifically, how you can begin with a goal and move toward actionable steps for accomplishing that goal. As esteemed Greek philosopher Shia LaBeouf once said, sometimes you need to “just do it.” 

Here’s a checklist for successfully implementing lease administration software:

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3 Ways Lease Administration Software Can Streamline the Inspection Process
Nov 07

3 Ways Lease Administration Software Can Streamline the Inspection Process

By Guy Gray | Lease Administration Software

Few things in life create anxiety quite like an inspection. If you’re in the military, for example, you worry about inspections for your uniform or barracks. If you’re a car owner, you take your car in for a worry-inducing inspection once a year. Homes, businesses, taxes… the list goes on.

For commercial real estate professionals (CRE)s, however, property inspections rank at the top of the list of things to worry about. As unnerving as a tax audit, property inspections are a necessary evil that can lead to findings that affect your bottom line. However, missing inspections can cause a bigger headache. Here are three ways lease administration software can help.

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A Guide to the Quarem Blog_ 5 Posts You Need to Read
Oct 30

A Guide to the Quarem Blog: 5 Posts You Need to Read

By Guy Gray | Commercial Real Estate Blog

Did you know that Quarem has been publishing blog posts about commercial real estate since May 2016? Many of our posts throughout the years have been informative and educational. Others are commentaries on CRE news and challenges. We also have posts that focus on the different features of Quarem

But which posts are the most important and popular? Whether you’re new to our blog or you’d simply enjoy a trip down memory lane, here are five posts you need to read.

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Auditing Your Portfolio with Quarem's Commercial Real Estate Software
Oct 24

Auditing Your Portfolio with Quarem’s Commercial Real Estate Software

By Guy Gray | Auditing

Transparency. It’s a condition that can take an ordinary material—ice, glass, plastic, etc.—and turn it into something extremely beneficial for the user. Take eyeglasses, for example. How useful would they be if the lenses were semi-transparent or opaque? Windows, light bulbs… the list goes on.

Transparency is also important for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals, especially when it comes to reporting. By taking an unfiltered look into your business operations, you can gain actionable data on the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio. 

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A Look at Parking Ratios and Commercial Real Estate
Oct 21

A Look at Parking Ratios and Commercial Real Estate

By Guy Gray | Parking Ratios

If you’ve ever eaten a bowl of cereal, you know that ratios are important. After all, you need to ensure you have the right ratio of milk to cereal. Too little milk and you’ll have to get a refill before you’re done unless you want dry cereal. Too much? Well, you’ll just have to get more cereal to avoid wasting the milk. Either way, it can spiral out of control pretty quickly.

Ratios are also important when it comes to commercial real estate (CRE), particularly when it comes to parking. There needs to be the right balance between need and availability; otherwise, you have to ensure your property is still appealing and meeting the needs of its tenants. Let’s take a look at the considerations a CRE pro must have concerning the availability of parking spots.

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