Jan 18

Why You Should Look for Custom Development Solutions in Your Lease Administration Software

By Guy Gray | Lease Administration Software

From personalized engraving on wine bottles to burgers made your way to customized, targeted advertising campaigns that follow you around like an Internet stalker with ads for the newest and greatest fishing lure all because you spent five minutes researching a Christmas present for uncle Joe; all signs nowadays point to an ever-increasing, customized and specially-tailored world.

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Jan 09

How Property Management Software Exceeds the Value of a Traditional Checklist

By Guy Gray | Property Management , Property Management Software

Busy and successful property managers know that Commercial Real Estate isn’t a venture for the faint of heart. Hard work, dedication, critical thinking, and an eye for the minute details that would normally escape others’ notice are hallmarks of those operating in the profession. Add in a hearty dose of organizational prowess, allowing for the ability to keep track of changing deadlines, ever-growing to-do lists and a host of other maintenance, upkeep and critical lease dates and CRE pros can give one of those lightning-fast superheroes of recent movies a run for their latex-clad money.

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Jan 03

FASB Basics

By Guy Gray | FASB

Unless you’ve been ignoring the news, blog posts, or have generally been living on a rock on a deserted desert island in the middle of an ocean somewhere, you have probably heard that the regulator/watchdog that is the Financial Accounting Standards Board (or the FASB for brevity’s sake) issued it’s long anticipated Accounting Standard update last year. While there was an initial furor of press coverage, substantive analyses went by the wayside given that implementation wouldn’t occur until December, 2018 at the earliest and December, 2019 for certain types of companies. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow…

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Jan 03

What Impact Has the New FASB Leasing Standard Had on CRE Professionals?

By Guy Gray | FASB

Look, we get it. As a busy CRE professional you may have read a few articles, taken a quick glance, and maybe even gotten a hot second’s worth of advice on the new FASB Leasing Standard. However, once your accountant, lawyer or other professional let you know that as a commercial real estate professional your direct impact was minimal you probably hung up the phone and got back to doing business.

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Dec 12

CRE Business Consultants vs. General Business Consultants

By Guy Gray | Commerical Real Estate , CRE Consultants

“If I wanted your advice I’d ask for it.” “Always seek expert advice.” “Opinions are like…” Well, never mind with the quotes and all. Whether in these common sayings, your ever day interactions with someone who seems to “know better,” or conversations with your well-intentioned mother, we continuously encounter people willing to provide their advice on everything from our personal and professional lives. Whether welcome or unwelcome, learning from the experience of others is a vital tool for growing and developing.

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Oct 19

Does Property Management Software Help with Building Maintenance?

By Guy Gray | Property Management Software

Experienced CRE professionals know that the work doesn’t stop once you’ve acquired your portfolio properties and leased them out to quality tenants. Keeping your properties in tip-top shape is key to both protecting your assets and ensuring client satisfaction. With a CRE owner’s busy schedule, however, spending time on these daily tasks can often be a time sink that prevents you from focusing on substantive growth, research and analytics necessary to building your CRE empire.

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Oct 16

How Commercial Lease Management Software Helps Identify “Losers” and “Winners”

By Guy Gray | Commercial Lease , Commercial Lease Management Software

The world of commercial real estate is an exciting, fast paced, and potentially lucrative business. For those with a love of real estate and dedication to grueling hours or hard work, building a thriving portfolio of properties is a more than attainable reality. In an ideal world, after you’ve established a diversified portfolio of properties across regions, office types and more, your investment will grow and thrive with only moderate maintenance and effort. Often times, however, CRE professionals will run into issues with individual investments dragging down overall performance.

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Oct 04

5 Ways Property Management Software Can Help the On-the-Go Property Manager

By Guy Gray | Property Management Software , Property Managers

It’s 7am on a Monday morning and your alarm clock went off hours earlier. You’re answering emails on your smartphone, tablet or laptop device, while attempting to down your second cup of morning coffee. Breakfast is on the table and your son or daughter needs to be dropped off at school before you hop back into the car for a four-hour round trip to check out the latest potential property addition to your CRE portfolio. During the first leg of your jam-packed day, one of your existing tenants calls asking for an obscure detail from their individual lease agreement and your office administrator has the day off.

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