May 30

Will Quarem Help You Avoid Problem Tenants?

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional , Tenants

We’ve all heard the passed-along stories and anecdotes. Or, maybe, we’ve been in the position ourselves. You rent out your property to a tenant who looks good on paper. No red flags during the interview and the first month’s rent and security deposit checks cashed right on time. A few months, or maybe years in, though and you’re dealing with late or non-payments, refusal to allow property inspections, police calls for disturbances and a potentially demolished rental property.

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May 24

How Does Your Choice of Property Management Software Affect Your Customers?

By Guy Gray | Property Management Software

Whether you operate a retail storefront or manage a commercial real estate portfolio composed of hundreds of properties, successful business owners and operators know that keeping clients happy is mission critical to long term success. With each of your individual properties featuring different tenants with individual needs, leases and overall concerns, catering to the diverse customer base is no easy feat. While you appreciate the fact that “Sal” from “Sal’s Plumbing” is extremely friendly, it can be difficult to rustle up the time to answer his questions every time he forgets when his lease expires, wants to know whether he can start a side gig raising miniature goats on the property or has misplaced the address to send his monthly rent check.

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May 18

How Lease Management Software Can Ease Your Compliance Burden

By Guy Gray | Lease Management Software

It seems as if nowadays every day you’re bombarded with another compliance headline splashed across the local news. “Big Bank Nets Huge Fine!” “Law Firm is Dinged for Compliance Violations!” “Technology Vendor Stripped of License!” While we may have added the exclamation points for flavor, the topics and targets are ripped directly from recent headlines.

If you’re a Commercial Real Estate owner, manager or other professional and think your business is safe from compliance burdens that’ll land your mugshot in the paper or company name dragged through the mud, think again. The CRE field is facing a growing compliance burden thanks to a host of regulations both new and newly reinforced. Following and implementing procedures to adhere to the myriad regulations can create an extraordinary burden on your day-to-day operations while failing to do so can see your portfolio out for the count. Quality CRE portfolio management software, such as the options offered by Quarem’s Vantage and Access platforms, can ease the burden and keep your CRE portfolio moving and growing in today’s changing regulatory landscape.

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May 16

Why Haven’t You Added Lease Administration Software to Your Workflow?

By Guy Gray | Lease Administration , Lease Administration Software

It seems as if most of our lives are automated these days.  Coffee makers start brewing at 6:00 am on the dot.  Doors swing open without a touch.  And automated callers can harass you about that 18-hour trip to Jamaica you won when you mistakenly gave out your business card at the last networking event.  Whether simplifying our daily lives or making it easier for telemarketers to spam your cell, automation is the future and it will not wait on you.  When utilized properly, automation saves time, resources and can help you and your business operate more efficiently, freeing up time for growth and development.  So, if this is the case, just why haven’t you automated your CRE portfolio needs by adding lease administration software to your arsenal of property management tools?

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May 10

What to Look out for with a Lease Automation Solution

By Guy Gray | Lease Administration Software , Lease Automation Solution

Imagine this…you have a broken hand and walk into a doctor’s office.  The doctor comes into the room and begins his exam by inspecting your foot.  He then moves to your knee, head, elbow, eyes and ears.  The entire time you keep mentioning, but doc, my hand is broken.  Don’t worry, he says, we’ll get to that but I’m just a generalist so I have to give you a thorough exam before I can diagnose your issue.  To which you reply, but my hand is broken!

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May 02

10 Commercial Real Estate Forums You Should Know About

By Guy Gray | CRE Forums

At Quarem we make our mission to not only tout our own products but to provide education and information on the go to busy CRE professionals. While we happen to think our timely (and sometimes humorous) articles are essential for someone looking to manage and grow their real estate portfolio, we certainly aren’t the only source for quality information on trends, best practices and hurdles in the commercial real estate world. Some of the best ideas come from like-minded individuals who have “been there and done that” in the CRE world. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of 10 of our favorite CRE forums you should know and visit. Want to know where to go the next time we say “don’t take our word for it?” Then read on:

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Apr 25

Why You Shouldn’t Compromise on Your Property Management Tools

By Guy Gray | Property Management , Property Management Software

There are some places in life where it makes sense to cut corners to save a few dollars. For example, a DIY project such as painting your own living room or installing that shower head has little downside if things go horribly wrong. Worst case scenario, you call in a professional painter to fix that ceiling flub or a plumber to correct your leaky fixture.

When it comes to maintenance, management and growth of your CRE portfolio, however, compromising on quality to save a couple of dollars in upfront costs can lead to big long-term consequences. From costly errors caused by a lack of a property management system to waisted time and resources from picking the wrong one, experienced property managers know all too well the price of not investing in the right CRE management tools. Want to avoid these common mistakes and learn about how an initial investment can show big dividends? Read on for these answers and more.

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Apr 19

Is There a Heavy Learning Curve When Adopting Quarem’s CRE Software?

By Guy Gray | CRE Software

We have all been there. After months of researching, debating options and talking to vendors you finally select an essential piece of software, guaranteed to make your professional life easier and more efficient. You unbox the software, or download, or perhaps even bring in an outside team to install and setup your new, shiny, technologically advanced tool. Gleefully rubbing your hands in anticipation, you pull up a chair, grab your mouse and log in expectantly…only to be completely lost as to what to do next.

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Apr 11

5 Reasons Why your CRE Portfolio May Not be Growing

By Guy Gray | CRE Portfolio

Let’s face it. Getting into a rut is a fairly common occurrence in life. From the way you reach for the exact same brand of shampoo when shopping to the abandoned New Year’s work-out resolutions, people are creatures of habits that are hard to break. While this is an easy thing to fix when it comes to personal grooming or your waistline, changing long ingrained “this is how it’s always been done” mentality can be extremely difficult in your commercial real estate portfolio.

As a CRE professional you know firsthand that stagnation of ideas leads to lack of growth in your portfolio. If the concept of spinning your wheels hits a little too close to home, read on for the five most common reasons your CRE Portfolio may not be growing, and solutions for how to get back on track.

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Apr 05

How Quarem Makes Corporate Property Management Easy

By Guy Gray | CRE Software , Property Management , Property Management Software

As a busy real estate professional, you probably spend a good deal of your day engrossed in what you would consider busy work. Maybe a tenant calls you directly asking if they’re allowed to modify the property to accommodate their new, 1000 gallon, fish tank. Or perhaps Gladys in accounting has sent an email and needs to know whether it’s okay to pay that $15,000 painting bill to the contractors she thinks you hired during your last tenant turnover.

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