Jun 15

Technology Starter Kit for Mid-Sized Companies, Part Three

By John Rice | CRE Technology

In the past two blog posts – part one and part two, we’ve discussed many of the elements mid-sized companies should consider to transition from manual and in-house processes to CRE automation to manage their real estate holdings. The company leadership has identified the need for it, the time is right for it to be deployed in the near future, and they have consulted with others in the industry to discover various options and processes to make this transition happen.

Now it comes to the technology itself – what is the best “starter kit” of tools and applications for a company ready to manage its CRE like a strategic asset rather than a necessary expense? As mentioned, there is no consensus, and rightfully so, as there are just too many operational processes that are unique to individual companies. However, there is a basic process we use to identify areas of improvement and to serve as the foundation for advancement. We call it OCA (organize, control, analyze).

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Jun 08

Technology Starter Kit for Mid-Sized Companies, Part Two

By John Rice | Commerical Real Estate , CRE Technology

In the previous blog post, we identified company profiles and defined issues that best represent when it’s the right time for a mid-sized company to automate CRE workflow to manage their real estate portfolios, and how with all of the technologies in the industry, what works for one company may not work best for another. Transitioning into this new technological world impacts each company differently, and it’s essential for leadership to carefully determine what technology will best match their current and future strategies.

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Jun 03

Technology Starter Kit for Mid-Sized Companies, Part One

By John Rice | Commerical Real Estate , CRE Technology

We in the CRE industry tend to focus on the larger, pioneering corporate organizations who are embracing technology to improve CRE processes and integrating it into the framework of their global enterprise decision-making. But what about the mid-sized companies who desperately need improvement and are ready to take the step to the next level, but don’t have the infrastructure, budget, or dedicated resources to mirror the big companies? Is there a middle-ground or manageable starting point of tech essentials that deliver real, measurable improvement while at the same time sets the stage for future technologies as they become necessary?

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May 24

Getting Organized – Why is it Such a Challenge?

By John Rice | Commerical Real Estate

Practically from birth, I was creating messes and avoiding cleaning them. My room was a perpetual disaster, and my mother would hound me weekly to clean my room, pick up my clothes, and organize my closet. I would argue, quite convincingly, that I didn’t need my room cleaned because I was already organized. I knew where everything was and believe it or not, I had a system.

Now I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I’d bet money that most of us out there can relate to these scenarios in one way or another.  Notice the two key words: Organize and System. Even from a very early age we are all in one way or another organizing and developing a system to manage our “stuff”. Some systems are better than others only through the eyes of the opposition.

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