Sep 19

How Lease Auditing Software Will Help a CRE Professional Sleep Better

By Guy Gray | Lease Auditing Software

You’ve tried counting sheep, but that didn’t work. You’ve taken natural, sleep-enhancing supplements, but you still wake up just a couple hours into the night. Heck, you even cut back on your (admittedly excessive) coffee intake, but it’s had no effect. You simply can’t sleep at night these days.

Your mind is racing with the potential errors infesting your lease portfolio. Did you store that lease proposal document in the right folder? Do you have any expirations, termination or renewal options coming up that you didn’t know about? Are your rent projections for the next quarter on track, or did you input the wrong information in your spreadsheet?

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Sep 10

CRE Software and Your CRE Asset Management Strategies

By Guy Gray | CRE Asset Management

As a commercial real estate professional, you spend a lot of time looking at your properties from an “outside” perspective. What is the square footage? What does the neighborhood look like? What’s the market value? But have you ever stopped to think about the physical elements that reside within a prospective or existing space? The physical assets in your space have tremendous value to your organization, so you’re going to need a thought-out strategy if you’re going to manage them properly.

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Sep 06

Commercial Real Estate Reporting Dashboards – Improving Your Operations

By Guy Gray | CRE Reporting Dashboards

There’s a popular quote that says, “If you aren’t improving, you’re falling behind.” This could apply to your intellectual endeavors, your time in the gym or your relational pursuits, but it can also apply to your professional development as a commercial real estate professional.

Put simply, if you aren’t improving your CRE operations, you’re going to lose to your competitors.

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Sep 03

10 Online Resources for “Green” CRE Pros to Bolster Their Industry Understanding

By Guy Gray | CRE Professionals

When someone mentions the word “green,” they could be referring to the color (obviously). But they could also be making a reference to the environment. Or, they could be talking about someone who is inexperienced. If the latter defines you as a commercial real estate professional, that’s OK. Every CRE pro started off “green” at one point. The only question is, how do you grow?

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Aug 30

Does Commercial Real Estate Software Help with Your Tax Preparations?

By Guy Gray | Commerical Real Estate , Taxes

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” The only difference between them, as actor Will Rogers once noted, is that, “Death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”

All humor aside, taxes definitely present potential pitfalls for all of us. This is especially true for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals — even those with the best intentions. How do you ensure you prepare your taxes properly? CRE portfolio management software is a good place to start. Read on to discover how it can help with your tax preparations.

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Aug 22

Blockchains and Commercial Real Estate – Is it Too Early to Even Care?

By Guy Gray | Blockchains

See if you can answer this question without Googling it: what resource increased in value by 61,190% from 2011 to 2017? If you guessed Bitcoin, you’re correct. In fact, if you invested $100 in Bitcoin as an early investor on June 28,2010, your investment would be worth $28.3 million today! When something surges in value like that, professionals in all industries — commercial real estate included — take notice.

For Bitcoin to work, however, it requires blockchains. Some theorize that these blockchains, the infrastructure that keeps cryptocurrency honest, are the future of the “financial aspect of real estate.” But is the potential too low here or is this too far off to even care? Read on to find out.

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Aug 14

Top 5 Considerations When Selecting Your Lease Administration Software Solution

By Guy Gray | Lease Administration Software

Remember that famous movie line, “I’m going to make him an offer I would love for him to consider?” No, of course you don’t. That’s because the real line ends with “an offer he can’t refuse.” Fortunately, commercial real estate professionals these days aren’t bound to the same set of limitations. When it comes to lease administration software, anyway, you have options.

The only question is, what should you look for? From conveniences such as dashboards and notifications to more consequential aspects such as FASB compliance, here are the top five aspects you should consider when selecting your lease administration software solution.

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Eliminate Money Vampires with Commercial Real Estate Software
Aug 01

Eliminate Money Vampires with Commercial Real Estate Software

By Ken Lentz | CRE Software

Commercial real estate professionals face many adverse situations during their normal routines. Lack of coffee is one of the most common. Lack of time is another. But there are more sinister adversaries lurking about that CRE professionals may not even know exist. They’re called “money vampires” and these parasites are out to get you and bleed you dry.

Unnecessary fees, failure to adhere to accounting standards and improper tax filings are just a few examples of how CRE professionals may be bleeding money through avoidable “money vampires.” Fortunately, commercial real estate software can give you the “weapons” you need to properly eliminate them. Here’s how:

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Put Quarem's CRE Software to Work and Get Back to Relationship Building
Jul 27

Put Quarem’s CRE Software to Work and Get Back to Relationship Building

By Guy Gray | CRE Software

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have an intern for all our daily tasks in life? “Hey, intern, can you make me some coffee?” “Intern, will you please eat dinner with my spouse in my place tonight?” Unfortunately, this is just a fantasy, but it sure would be nice. This is especially true if you’re a commercial real estate professional, as it’s easy to get bogged down with day-to-day clerical work.

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Is the Perfect Commercial Tenant a Unicorn
Jul 18

Is the Perfect Commercial Tenant a Unicorn?

By Guy Gray | CRE Tenant

There’s a mythical beast in the commercial real estate world. Its beauty is unmatched. Its value is beyond words. Some say it may not even exist. Every CRE professional wants one. We’re talking about the perfect commercial tenant.

The only problem? This type of tenant is beyond elusive.

We’ve covered five problem tenants CRE pros hate, but is there a commercial tenant out there that lives on the other end of the spectrum? Or is the perfect tenant a unicorn? Read on to find out.

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