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Leveraging Commercial Lease _ Property Management Software to Grow Your CRE Business
Jan 06

Leveraging Commercial Lease & Property Management Software to Grow Your CRE Business

By Guy Gray | Commercial Lease , Commercial Property Management Software

Famed writer and visual artist William S. Burroughs once said that “when you stop growing you start dying.” This can apply to individuals, business owners or even (as we’ll discuss today) commercial real estate professionals. Nearly every CRE pro wants to grow his or her business and portfolio, after all. Not because of greed, but because of the simple fact that you can’t predict things like economic downturns, smaller margins and increased vacancies—all of which hinder a CRE portfolio’s growth.

This is especially true for mixed portfolio property managers who deal with a variety of industries, from office and retail to industrial. Each can be volatile and unpredictable. Fortunately, solutions like commercial lease and property management software can help you both streamline operations and grow your business regardless of the industries in your portfolio. Let’s look at a few benefits of this software and give some examples of how Quarem specifically helps you grow your CRE business.Continue reading

Oct 16

How Commercial Lease Management Software Helps Identify “Losers” and “Winners”

By Guy Gray | Commercial Lease , Commercial Lease Management Software

The world of commercial real estate is an exciting, fast paced, and potentially lucrative business. For those with a love of real estate and dedication to grueling hours or hard work, building a thriving portfolio of properties is a more than attainable reality. In an ideal world, after you’ve established a diversified portfolio of properties across regions, office types and more, your investment will grow and thrive with only moderate maintenance and effort. Often times, however, CRE professionals will run into issues with individual investments dragging down overall performance.

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Jun 22

Why You Shouldn’t Trust that Free Commercial Lease Agreement Template

By Guy Gray | Commercial Lease , Commercial Lease Agreement

Few words can conjure up a sense of satisfaction as that of “Free.” Add in a simple phrase and you’ll have people lining up to make purchases, left and right. “Free with purchase.” “Buy one, get one free.” The list goes on and on.

Inevitably, however, that “free” add-on item, or super-special free classified find, has some long-term costs that make up for the lack of ability to pay upfront. Similar to the way “free” firewood often requires you to come and chop up a tree, free can actually create a ton of backbreaking work which in the long run may be costlier than if you had paid for the item outright. While we appreciate saving time and money, when it comes to your lease agreements in your CRE portfolio, the best things certainly aren’t free. In fact, taking advantage of free commercial templates can cost you big time in the end.

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Jun 20

What Distinguishes a Commercial Lease from Residential Lease Beyond Residency?

By Guy Gray | Commercial Lease , Residential Lease

So maybe you’re a successful residential property landlord. Perhaps you have one, several or even a dozen or more units, all happily chugging along and generating residual income. Maybe you’ve heard that commercial real estate has potentially bigger returns. You might feel confident with your chances at dipping a toe into the big leagues. I mean, you’ve done well thus far and understand the ins and outs of a basic lease. What can go wrong, right?

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