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Franchise vs. Chain - Any Effect on Commercial Real Estate Professionals
Mar 08

Franchise vs. Chain – Any Effect on Commercial Real Estate Professionals?

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional

If there’s one thing property managers don’t take for granted these days, it’s a good tenant. They might as well be sitting at the end of a rainbow, because commercial real estate professionals treasure them. Bad tenants, on the other hand, can be a major headache and cause tremendous damage to your portfolio’s future prospects.

The tenant’s actual business model is one huge factor as to whether they will be a “good” tenant or not. Is it sound? Does it have a long-term outlook in place? Whether the tenant’s business is sustainable or not can dictate whether they’ll be able to pay their rent for the duration of their lease. It’s on you as the CRE pro to decide whether you trust the sustainability of that business’ model enough to give them a space.

This is particularly true when it comes to deciding on franchise vs. chain models. Does either have any effect on property managers and other commercial real estate professionals? Let’s take a look.

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Top 5 Obstacles that Halt a CRE Professional's Portfolio Growth
Feb 21

Top 5 Obstacles that Halt a CRE Professional’s Portfolio Growth

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional

There’s an old wives’ tale that coffee stunts a person’s growth. Whoever created this myth obviously wanted to hoardall the coffee. In reality, there’s no correlation between the caffeinated beverage and a person’s physical size. (Just look at the NBA’s coffee obsession for proof of this.)

When it comes to commercial real estate portfolios, however, there are several obstacles that definitely will halt its growth. (Spoiler: coffee is not one of them.) If you’re a commercial real estate professional, here are five things you need to overcome to grow your portfolio:

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What CRE Professionals Specifically Would Benefit from Quarem's CRE Software Solutions
Mar 29

What CRE Professionals Specifically Would Benefit from Quarem’s CRE Software Solutions

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional , CRE Professionals

Life as a commercial real estate professional can sometimes feel like one of those wind tunnel money machines you see at arcades or casinos. There are so many things going on and objectives flying around you, it’s enough to make your head spin. (You also look pretty silly in the process.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to just slow down and focus on one thing at a time for once?

With the right real estate automation software, you can. Whether you’re a corporate user, landlord or broker, there are several time- and sanity-saving benefits to adopting one. What are they, you may ask? Read on to discover what CRE professionals specifically would benefit from Quarem’s CRE software solutions.

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Jul 06

Why Google May Be the Resourceful CRE Professional’s Worst Enemy

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional

We’ve all been there. One morning you wake up with a cough and before you know it you’ve googled your way into a convincing self-diagnosis of Dengue fever. Or maybe your cat has hacked up a hairball but Google swears it’s a sign of the coming of the next apocalypse.

While these scenarios may seem a bit far-fetched, the correlation is accurate to CRE professionals’ self-exploration for support software. Internet searching for your property management and lease administration solutions will certainly net you a wealth of articles, advice and advertisements for tech solutions, but it can also get you and your portfolio into trouble in a hurry if not tempered with some real-world support and practical, hands-on experience.

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May 30

Will Quarem Help You Avoid Problem Tenants?

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional , Tenants

We’ve all heard the passed-along stories and anecdotes. Or, maybe, we’ve been in the position ourselves. You rent out your property to a tenant who looks good on paper. No red flags during the interview and the first month’s rent and security deposit checks cashed right on time. A few months, or maybe years in, though and you’re dealing with late or non-payments, refusal to allow property inspections, police calls for disturbances and a potentially demolished rental property.

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Jan 24

Is Failure to Adapt Career Suicide for a CRE Professional?

By Guy Gray | CRE Professional

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. – Benjamin Franklin

Whether it’s real estate or society as a whole, stagnation in growth and education equals the death of innovation.  In the world of commercial real estate, this has always been especially true.  Ignoring trends in tech, local or national markets or customer demand can leave you behind the times and fighting a losing race to play catch up in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

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