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Consultative Brokerage and CRE Software Customer Portals
Dec 12

Consultative Brokerage and CRE Software Customer Portals

By Meredith Beasley | Customer Portal

On September 23, 1962, TV viewers of all ages journeyed to the futuristic Orbit City. Here, they met one of the most legendary families in TV history, The Jetsons. Viewers were given a glimpse at the charming possibilities of tomorrow, like floating buildings and flying cars, and some groovy inventions that actually exist today, like smartwatches, video chatting, and 3-D printing.

 Though the show only aired for one season, The Jetsons still remains an iconic symbol of our vision of a dreamlike future and the technology that comes along with it.    

Compared to the day we got to “Meet George Jetson,” technology has rapidly advanced and left its impact on our processes and business practices. Take the commercial real estate industry, for example – sure, our buildings don’t float, and we can’t fly to work, but advancements like digital signatures and “smart” buildings have transformed our interactions and business cycles. 

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