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Forecasting with Quarem's Commercial Real Estate Software
Jul 09

Forecasting with Quarem’s Commercial Real Estate Software

By Guy Gray | Forecasting

Mother Nature is unpredictable. It seems like professional meteorologists don’t even know what is going to happen half the time. They say it’s going to be a torrential downpour in the evening and there aren’t even a few drops on the ground. They say it’s going to be sunny for your weekend softball game and it ends up raining cats and dogs. It can be difficult to see the point of a forecast, sometimes.

Commercial real estate is the same way. Forecasting the future of your CRE portfolio may seem as reliable as forecasting the weather. However, this is only the case if you’re still using old-school methods to manage it. CRE software like Quarem, on the other hand, gives you an accurate overview of your entire portfolio of leased and owned space that allows you to performance leverage historical data so you can better project future performance. Let’s show you how.

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