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Behavioral Changes in Commercial Real Estate Professionals
Jul 24

Behavioral Changes in Commercial Real Estate Professionals and the Growing Need for Notifications

By Guy Gray | Critical Date Management

Sometimes lost in the lightning-fast evolution of the digital revolution is the fact that we’ve had resulting behavioral changes that affect our personal and professional lives. We receive push notifications and reminders for the most minute and mundane aspects within our personal lives, so it’s no mystery as to why we have built a reliance on technology to keep us on track.

You lean on technology to remember birthdays in your personal network, so it’s easy to understand the value of critical date notifications that have far higher consequences when you forget them. Let’s dive deeper into why there is a growing need for notifications and how commercial real estate software can help.

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The Critical Dates You Should Be Tracking With Lease Management Software
Feb 21

The Critical Dates You Should Be Tracking With Lease Management Software

By Meredith Beasley | Critical Date Management

Have you ever had that dreaded feeling of “Am I forgetting something?” You feel a little off, so you run through a mental checklist and then reflect on the past few days and the days to come. Then it hits you. Your stomach drops. Everything turns to slow motion. You completely and totally forgot about a critical date. Panic sets in and your mind goes into hyper speed. 

Be it birthdays, meetings, or even your keys, we’ve all experienced the aftermath of forgetting something important. Hey, at the end of the day we’re human and mistakes happen. The aftershocks that come with missing something, however, can often lead to a whole lot of mess. 

Missing a critical date in your commercial lease can open up a can of worms that leads to loss of time, resources, and money. So, prep we must! But which dates exactly should you be tracking? And what’s the most efficient way to ensure you’re always aware of upcoming dates? Keep reading to find out! 

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