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The Commercial Leasing Process Made Easy with Quarem's Lease Management Software
Sep 24

The Commercial Leasing Process Made Easy with Quarem’s Lease Management Software

By Meredith Beasley | Lease Management Software

The commercial lease process is one of the most exciting activities for CRE professionals. It means that Tenants are expanding their portfolio, Landlords are adding to their tenant mix, and Brokers are increasing their list of business. 

Some may argue that the word “exciting” should be replaced with “stressful.” The leasing process is intricate, involving lots of time, money and risk. While it’s true that the leasing process is no walk in the park, it also doesn’t have to be all that daunting when you have sophisticated software to support you along the way.  

Lease management software can be the knight in shining armor there to save the day and offer support in three main areas:  

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Aug 28

Will Lease Management Software Help Take the Unpleasantries Out of Evictions?

By Guy Gray | Lease Management Software

Let’s face it, nobody likes a messy breakup.  Who gets the dog, which friends go where and how finances are going to be handled are just a few of the complicated scenarios that need to be ironed out in the event of a split.  When it comes to property management, evictions are much the same as personal breakups.  Tenants and property managers alike dread the stress, tension and difficult conversations that must be had to prematurely terminate a lease.  While the process may be painful, lease management software solutions are increasingly helping to take the sting out of evictions and can keep client relationships functional throughout the process.

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May 18

How Lease Management Software Can Ease Your Compliance Burden

By Guy Gray | Lease Management Software

It seems as if nowadays every day you’re bombarded with another compliance headline splashed across the local news. “Big Bank Nets Huge Fine!” “Law Firm is Dinged for Compliance Violations!” “Technology Vendor Stripped of License!” While we may have added the exclamation points for flavor, the topics and targets are ripped directly from recent headlines.

If you’re a Commercial Real Estate owner, manager or other professional and think your business is safe from compliance burdens that’ll land your mugshot in the paper or company name dragged through the mud, think again. The CRE field is facing a growing compliance burden thanks to a host of regulations both new and newly reinforced. Following and implementing procedures to adhere to the myriad regulations can create an extraordinary burden on your day-to-day operations while failing to do so can see your portfolio out for the count. Quality CRE portfolio management software, such as the options offered by Quarem’s Vantage and Access platforms, can ease the burden and keep your CRE portfolio moving and growing in today’s changing regulatory landscape.

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Feb 21

Does Lease Management Software Only Make Sense for Technical Individuals?

By Guy Gray | Lease Management , Lease Management Software

We get it, implementing a new piece of technology can be a bit tricky for some people.  From smart phones that can call, text, email and cook you breakfast to complex word-processing documents that not only format your text in multiple colors and fonts, it’ll also make clicking sounds like an “old-school” typewriter while it’s at it.

Advances in technology have certainly made our lives and our businesses better.  The Commercial Real Estate field is no exception.  While having a software solution that replaces dozens of filing cabinets and hours or searching by hand through reams of paper may seem a bit daunting, at Quarem we make transitioning to modern systems easy and intuitive.

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