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Tips for Property Managers to Stay on Top of Maintenance During the Winter
Dec 05

Tips for Property Managers to Stay on Top of Maintenance During the Winter

By Trevor Ayers | Property Managers

Commercial properties have a specific set of needs each season. In the spring, it’s all mostly about landscaping and potential repairs to the roof after winter. In the summer, the focus turns to air conditioners and pest control. In the fall, gutter cleaning, tree trimming and furnace tune-ups are the priority. But what about winter?

If you’re a property manager, here are some tips to help you stay on top of maintaining your properties during the cold-weather months.

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Show of Hands - How Many Property Managers Are Still Manually Inputting Data?
Mar 15

Show of Hands – How Many Property Managers Are Still Manually Inputting Data?

By Guy Gray | Property Managers

Imagine for a moment that you’re in a crowded auditorium with hundreds of other property managers. There’s a lone speaker on stage asking the audience questions. “How many of you keep track of things like tenant improvements, parking space allotments and other CRE assets?” Most hands go up, along with yours. “Good. Now how many of you keep the data about what you’re tracking neatly organized online?” Dozens more hands go up. “Finally, how many of you property managers are still manually imputing data?” You know you need to raise your hand, but very few others are doing so. What do you do? After wrestling with your pride for a few seconds, you finally shoot your hand up.

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Oct 04

5 Ways Property Management Software Can Help the On-the-Go Property Manager

By Guy Gray | Property Management Software , Property Managers

It’s 7am on a Monday morning and your alarm clock went off hours earlier. You’re answering emails on your smartphone, tablet or laptop device, while attempting to down your second cup of morning coffee. Breakfast is on the table and your son or daughter needs to be dropped off at school before you hop back into the car for a four-hour round trip to check out the latest potential property addition to your CRE portfolio. During the first leg of your jam-packed day, one of your existing tenants calls asking for an obscure detail from their individual lease agreement and your office administrator has the day off.

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Aug 11

What Makes Tenants Love their Property Managers?

By Guy Gray | Property Management , Property Managers

Experienced and successful CRE professionals know that the key to maintaining a thriving portfolio of commercial real estate properties is keeping your clients happy.  While chocolates and roses may work in your romantic relationships, it takes a little more creativity to make your tenants fall madly in love with the person that collects the monthly rent payments.  Thankfully, Quarem is here to help.  Read on to find out the important qualities that will help make your CRE clients fall in love and how Quarem’s property management software solutions can help.

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Jul 25

5 Life Lessons a Property Manager Does Not Learn in School

By Guy Gray | Property Management , Property Managers

We all know that a well-rounded education is important to setting good foundations for future business success and life in general.  And while certain basic addition, reading and writing skills, and even the occasional college course on business and economics may have come in handy, it’s another kind of education that has probably served you best in the world of commercial real estate.  The long-storied institution we’re talking about is the school of hard knocks, aka life lessons learned.  We’ve collected some of the best lessons a CRE pro has learned outside of the classroom and are willing to bet that, whatever your experience level, you’ve experienced more than a few of these, yourself.

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Jun 13

5 Common Problems with Tenants that Drive Property Managers Crazy

By Guy Gray | Property Managers , Tenants

Let’s face it, dealing with clients in any line of business is a feast or famine type of scenario. This is especially the case for CRE professionals. When you see that caller id or read the email subject line there’s a 50/50 chance for bad news over good. The toilets are flooded. My neighbor is stealing my parking spaces. I accidentally blew a hole through the ceiling.

Managing tenants is a necessary task in commercial real estate, but also one that is fraught with stress and one that keeps you on your toes wondering, “what’s next?” Professional and reliable lease administration software and property management solutions, such as those offered by Quarem Property Management, can help manage tenant relationships, taking the stress out of day-to-day communication and problem solving.

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