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Prospecting and Property Analysis Made Easy with Quarem
Jan 06

Prospecting and Property Analysis Made Easy with Quarem

By Guy Gray | Property Analysis , Prospecting

CRE Property AnalysisMichelangelo had the Sistine Chapel. Leonardo da Vinci had the Mona Lisa. Andy Warhol had his Campbell’s soup cans. All of these works of art are arguably the artist’s main claim to fame. Viewers of these pieces get to enjoy the finalized version of the art, but they don’t get to see the journey the artists took to end up with their masterpieces. If we were given a look behind the scenes, we’d probably see these artists work through a lot of trial and error, research and late nights.

For brokers and their clients, finding and vetting space can feel like an art at times. Just like the artists mentioned above, brokers engage in quite a bit of behind the scenes work in order to find the picture-perfect space. They might not use a brush and canvas to get there, but they can use tools provided by CRE software.

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