We've been improving real estate processes and reducing inefficiencies since 2001. Quarem is a pioneer in automating lease/property administration and moving real estate collaboration to the internet. Over the past 15 years, we have earned a reputation for doing two things really well: infusing real-world real estate knowledge into software solutions and delivering highly responsive, personalized support.

At Quarem, we’re not obsessed with technology.

We are obsessed with utilizing technology to improve the organization and management of commercial real estate.  Our technology is built to encapsulate and strategically organize all the data, documents, and activities associated with a CRE portfolio.  Our company is about communication, service, and accessibility. Simply stated, we want to help you get control of your real estate.  And when you need us, we answer the phone. Quarem is in the business of fixing the inefficiencies that cost money, reducing mountains of paperwork, and overcoming the communication obstacles that prevent things from getting done.

Dig Deeper.

When you dig deeper into understanding Quarem, you’ll find that we view technology from a unique perspective. We believe that a company can’t build effective technology tools unless the people behind the tools have actually faced the issues that need to be solved. Use technology to get “above” the clutter and gain a perspective that actually enables good strategic decision making. The other factor that drives our obsession is an unwavering focus on our clients. We exhibit this through unmatched responsiveness and personalized support. We believe that communication is everything. So, when clients ask what language we program in, you’ll hear us say the human language.

Latest Developments