The Full Service plan pairs Quarem Vantage users with a dedicated account manager who works behind the scenes to ensure that the user is getting the most out of their data and utilizing the platform to its full potential

What's Included in Full Service?

Portfolio Data Structure Management

This is where the process begins. You and your account manager will have a one-on-one consultation to review your overall strategy and desired intent of the Quarem Vantage system. Your account manager will then structure the database to fit your expectations and ensure that logical and accurate reporting and user access controls are established.

Lease Abstracting

For current and future leases, your account manager will thoroughly read all lease documents and any associated amendments/exhibits and identify key business points. Additionally, they will set up the lease in the Quarem Vantage database, upload the lease documents, establish the contacts of the lease, and create critical date reminders.

Data Entry & Management

Your account manager will be responsible for entering lease, property and project data to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information. They will continuously update the data as you send it in, such as updating rent schedules to show current expense items or updating insurance provisions to show current insurance company, policy number, policy coverage amounts, etc.

Document Management

All current and appropriate documents, financials, analyses, and images will be uploaded and securely stored by your account manager who will ensure that access is tightly managed, and all documents are distributed to the right people for approvals.

Report Generation & Maintenance

Proactive and upon request – Your account manager will prepare all reports and deliver them to key client personnel on specified dates/timelines. They will also prepare reports upon request whenever needed.

Critical Date Management

Your account manager will prepare all critical dates for leases, projects and properties. Additionally, they will personally notify you of important upcoming events, deadlines, tasks and milestones.

Contact Management

Inclusive of access-rights setup and invitation – your account manager will enter all of your key contacts and ensure that the access rights are approved by you.

Project Management for Deals, Transactions & Projects

This advanced level of the Full Service plan is designed to keep your active projects moving forward. Your account manager will work with your key project managers and brokers to receive feedback on your active projects. The updated information will be loaded into the system so that you can monitor the progress at the click of a button.