Lease Abstracting

Get To Know Your Leases Like Never Before

Your leases have a lot to say. That’s why Quarem Lease Abstracting is more than just a review or summary. It’s an opportunity to understand the entire story of your lease so you can avoid costly mistakes and make reliable decisions.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to abstracting. Before we abstract any leases, we take the time to identify your goals and needs. This helps us create a strategy and determine the abstract plan that will help you get the most out of your data.

We offer three standard abstract plans:


Lease Abstracting

The Lite Plan covers the essentials and builds the framework for structure and organization. It lays the foundation for reporting and critical date notifications without getting too deep into the complex details. 

  • Commencement/Expiration
  • Options
  • Income/Expense Schedule
  • Document Organization

Best for: Newly established leases, leases with a short term, users with basic reporting needs.


Lease Abstracting

The Standard Plan captures all elements of the Lite Plan plus a true timeline of the lease history, key lease responsibilities, all relevant lease contacts/notice procedures, and more.

  • Utilities/Repairs/Maintenance
  • Sublease/Assignment
  • Landlord Contact Information
  • Additional Expenses

Best For: Leases with long or renewed terms, leases with intricate clauses or options, users that include historical metrics in their reporting.  


Lease Abstracting

The Forensic Plan is the whole enchilada, the works, the full nine yards. It covers the entire spectrum of the lease and establishes a complete and detailed understanding of the lease’s history.

  • CAM/OpEx Reconciliation
  • Compliance Responsibilities 
  • Insurance Policy Information
  • All Financial Dates/Obligations

Best for: Leases with a complex timeline, leases with intricate financial obligations, or professionals that need to utilize historical metrics to identify patterns or assess risk.

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