Lease Management

Free your leases from filing cabinets and forgotten folders.

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Lease Management

Free your leases from filing cabinets and forgotten folders. Bring them together in Quarem where the details can come alive. Easily track the changes, obligations, risks, and opportunities that are normally hidden away within the pages of a lease. 

Critical Dates

Always know what needs attention and what’s just around the corner with automated date reminders. The email alerts will help you stay proactive so you can save money and make better decisions.

ASC & IFRS Compliance

When navigating something as substantial as ASC 842/IFRS 16 compliance, bells and whistles aren’t top of mind. You need a resource that can lay a solid foundation. Quarem has the module you need to get compliant and maintain the standards. 


The report builder helps you take control of the details. With just a few clicks, you can generate a variety of reports that can help you identify risk & opportunity, make comparisons, track changes, and visualize your space. 

Task Management

When it comes to commercial space, there’s always something going on. Something to fix, someone to call, somewhere to go, something to review. No matter if it’s a major expansion, or a pesky maintenance issue, the Task Manager will help you organize and anticipate your list of “somethings” so you can get work done. 


Create a detailed list of your FF&E assets that’ll be there when you really need it. It’s the best way to navigate little inconveniences, protect your valuables, and prepare for uncertainty. 


Quarem Properties manages the data behind a property, rather than the activity of a property. That way, it supports the needs of a variety of user types, such as users that manage a mix of owned and leased space, or brokers that want to keep track of their market research.