Never Miss Another Critical Date!

Managing commercial real estate, whether on the tenant, landlord or broker side, means juggling a long list of unique critical dates. If overlooked or missed, these dates can lead to loss of valuable time, money or opportunities for growth.

So Many Dates

The two largest producers of critical dates are leases and projects. The Quarem Vantage critical date management feature allows users to create automated critical date reminders related to any key date, including

Commencement & 
Expiration Dates

  • Lease execution date
  • Lease commencement
  • Lease expiration
  • Rent commencement
  • Move in date
  • Vacancy

Lease Option

  • Renewal
  • Right of first refusal
  • Landlord termination
  • Expansion
  • Purchase
  • Relocation


  • Rent due date
  • Rent increases
  • CAM reconciliation


  • Maintenance
  • TI
  • Negotiations
  • Move In

No matter the role you play within the industry or the contents of your portfolio, the Quarem Vantage platform ensures that critical dates are a top priority.

Complete Organization Across Your Entire Portfolio

  • Critical date reminders can be connected to any lease, property, project or asset throughout your entire portfolio 
  • Create unique email reminders where you have total control over the frequency and timing 
  • Send email reminders to anyone in your contacts
  • Dashboard on homepage that shows a complete list of all upcoming reminders