Property Management

Maintain, manage and expand your CRE portfolio

No matter the role you play within the CRE industry, there is one element that is central to each - property. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and is the heart of the entire operation. The details related to it, ranging from occupancy costs to marketing efforts, require organization and analysis.

  • Anticipate Opportunity
  • Eliminate Liability & Hidden Costs
  • Visualize the Market
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    Track Data on the Go

Quarem Property Management Features

Regulate Key Data Points

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    Manage and report on your entire portfolio of properties utilizing the comprehensive lease administration module
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    Manage both real estate and equipment leases
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    Track important financial details, like rental income and expenses

Keep Up with The Market

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    Monitor expirations and market rates for similar properties

Create Critical Date Reminders and Use the Data to Forecast

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    Track lease expirations, renewal options, rent bumps or insurance coverage

Observe and Record Changes

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    Post notes on maintenance, improvements, lease issues, equipment and other critical points related to a specific property

Securely Store and Share All Documents

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    Manage all documentation including real estate and lease documents, photos, plans and other files
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    Monitor the edits made with activity time, date and author stamping

Let's Face It...

Property Management isn't the same for every member of the CRE Community. Explore how Quarem's Property Management can benefit YOU! 

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