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Quarem ACCESS is our service platform for implementation proactive support, and expanded advisory services. The Quarem technology platform is built from experience and backed by continutally responsive and personalized support. With Quarem Access, we add an additional layer of expertise on top of our exceptional software support to achieve greater utilization of Quarem software.

Quarem ACCESS services include:

LEASE ABSTRACTINGLease Abstract Services

The essential first step to developing a powerful lease administration plan is thoroughly abstracting all current and new leases.  The Quarem Access team can assist you with the complex and time-consuming task of abstracting lease documents and organizing the data into a format that enables accurate reporting and forecasting.

Our experts examine the documents thoroughly for all pertinent business points and corresponding lease clauses, including subsequent amendments.  We apply our proprietary process for capturing and entering the key details into the Quarem Vantage system to ensure accuracy.  Additionally, we set up the Lease Folders, add the key contact information, establish critical dates for reminder notifications, and upload all supporting documentation.

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Lease Administration


All Quarem clients are supported with personalized implementation training both onsite and online to maximize the utility and value of the Quarem Vantage application.  We also offer advanced training.  This curriculum goes well beyond basic functional training and incorporates a deeper level of strategy and process instruction.

When it comes to user support, no one comes close.  No automated phone directory, no call center representative, no hesitation to help.  When you call, we answer.  We will help with software instruction, best ways to use the system, and any questions you may have.  This is what Quarem Access is all about:  accessibility and communication.

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DataMigration for CRE Professionals


For clients with one or more existing databases, Quarem provides technical and advisory services that facilitate the successful migration of data into the Quarem Vantage system. Our Team has extensive experience in mapping and electronically importing real estate data into the Quarem platform.

Our formula for successful data migration is based in CRE experience.  Migrating data from one database to another or integrating data transfers between two or more systems is all about interpreting terminology, not technology.  Our Quarem Access team can translate any variety of terms and labels found in a client’s prior system(s). The result is a quick, accurate, and successful start to using Quarem Vantage.

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Commercial Real Estate Business Consulting


Quarem Access provides an array of advisory services.  Unlike traditional consultants, we are already intimately knowledgeable of the real estate business and its operations.  We can serve as subject-matter experts to review work flow processes and help document requirements to build a plan for the effective use of technology.  Our methodology is simple:  the business leads the technology, not the reverse.

For our broker/agent clients who participate in new client RFPs, we can assist by answering questions and providing technical specifications.  As the proposal process moves forward, we are available to attend meetings, or demo the application online. This service allows brokers to focus on their core competencies and expand their service-offerings without having to master the details of a software application.

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Need a custom application to fit your specific needs?

Quarem has managed software development projects both domestically and internationally for years and has unique expertise in translating real estate processes into productive and secure automation software.

Our team of analysts and developers can create custom applications to meet any clients’ specialized requirements.  We begin with a discovery phase where we collect all the requirements of the new software application.  We then assist in developing specification documentation and structuring the architecture.  The right team of developers is selected and we manage the entire process until the application is ready for deployment.  Once complete, we help implement the system and train your designated staff.

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Department Management Lease Administration Consultation


We have a comprehensive Quarem Access service plan for our corporate-user and broker clients who may not have dedicated staff for the management of their real estate.

Our Quarem Access team will organize and manage the lease administration and field coordination of your real estate.  We will also review and develop a CRE strategy that fits your growth projections and business model.  This engagement is not about software or technology, it’s about actively becoming your outsourced real estate department.  We are experienced, capable, and ready to help  your business take a smart, strategic step in controlling and managing your real estate to its full potential as a value-driven asset.

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