Quarem Vantage Cloud-Based Property Management Software

Quarem Vantage is a collaborative, cloud-based software application that enables businesses to effectively manage real estate portfolios whether leased, sublet, or owned. The platform seamlessly manages the full life-cycle of projects and automates ongoing property and lease administration to dramatically improve efficiencies while significantly reducing costs.

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LEASE ADMINISTRATIONLease Administration Software

With the Lease Administration Module, corporate real estate departments have a secure platform to maintain complete control over lease data and documents as well as an essential collaboration tool to manage leases originating from any worldwide location.

The module contains a comprehensive lease abstract database that automates the administration of thousands of current and historical lease details. Organized into 31 distinct categories, the platform allows users to record, categorize, and track virtually every lease business-point to facilitate the proactive administration of lease obligations and critical dates such as renewals, expirations and options.

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PROJECT MANAGEMENTCommercial Real Estate Project Management Software

Collaboration is at the core of the Project Module. Leveraging cloud-based technology, this module connects internal and external participants to enterprise-wide real estate projects from any domestic or international location across any time zone. A variety of real estate projects can be managed from one central and secure location. All tasks and activities are graphically displayed to make it easy to view each step of a project with respective due dates and task assignments.

Project participants can instantaneously access project information through owner-defined permissions or can be notified by emails sent directly from the application. The Project database integrates with the other platform modules to effectively track thousands of dates, deadlines, and alerts associated with leases, properties, and assets.

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The Properties Module enables users to securely store and access critical data and documentation related to commercial properties and their corresponding suites and tenants. Maximum flexibility is built into the module to allow management of virtually any specific property type such as office, retail, industrial, flex, mixed-use, land, or pad sites.

Properties Module is Ideal for property owners and corporate users who occupy multiple suites in a building or campus.  The module integrates primary property data management with vacant suites and existing leases/tenants.  Monitor property data, contacts, documents, notes, assets, critical dates, rights-of-refusal, vacancies and many other key points.  The software additionally allows users to keep track of competing properties and market fluctuations.

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ASSET/ INVENTORY MANAGEMENTCRE Inventory Management Software

In addition to managing real estate, the Quarem Vantage software platform includes a module that addresses the organization’s physical assets, such as equipment, computers, and furniture. The Asset Module supports users with the necessary tools to track and report asset inventory across the entire enterprise.

The Asset Module improves the oversight and financial management of the company’s physical assets with comprehensive inventory data, maintenance records, and valuation reports, thus gaining real-time visibility to every stage from procurement to disposition.

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The Quarem Vantage software platform offers users a comprehensive and customizable suite of reporting functions.  Leveraging its database architecture for maximum speed and flexibility, the system is able to generate meaningful analytics in real time or on a routine schedule.

Gain full financial control with reporting and analytics from the library of standard reports built from field tested experience and compliant with tax authorities. Or choose to build customizable ad-hoc reports using the custom reporting features. The Quarem Report Builder is intuitive, flexible, and powerful and can be adapted to the user’s particular requirements. All reports can be exported to Excel or a PDF.

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Secure Controlled Access
Quarem offers the most sophisticated and thorough access security features of any commercially available application.  Users can control who has access to virtually every part of the software, any time.  This includes documents, projects, property data, contact data, reports and abstracts.  Quarem also combines SSL certification with our own encryption whereby every screen’s URL is randomly encrypted.

Quarem is built with maximum flexibility to integrate with other financial, asset management and enterprise accounting applications including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, NetSuite, and others.  The system is designed to be configured to meet your company’s specific needs including unlimited user-defined fields, expense types and levels.

Quarem is designed to record and manage native currencies from any country in the world.  Foreign currencies can then be converted back to US dollars based on current or past exchange rates.  The application also tracks both square feet and square meter area measurements.

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